Inspired to Pick-Fit

How Inspired to Pick-Fit will help you create the life you desire with fitness, family and faith.

My name is Angela Pickowicz (hence the PICK-fit). Thanks for stopping by my website. My goal with this blog is to provide you with raw, real life experiences on what it is like to try to make it in the ‘work from home world’ all while being a mom, wife behind the thin blue line (my husband is a police officer), sister, daughter, and fitness fanatic.

This site will teach you how to find the time for fitness in your life and how to eat clean and pass these traits onto your children. For me, being fit is more than just the physical aspect of working out. It is just as important to be healthy from the inside too. This comes from what you put into your body both with food, drinks and supplements, and the food you feed your mind. Personal development and faith are a huge part of my life and I incorporate those into being fit as well.

The one thing I have noticed since getting into the fitness industry is that there seem to be so many experts. And while I don’t claim to be an expert, I do know what has worked for me and what has worked for my clients, and I wanted to create a place (this site) where I could compile all of that information for you too!

If my blog can inspire just one person to take control of his/her life and be a happier person then I have achieved success. Of course, I would like to inspire many more than just one. I’m here to provide insight into my life as a WAHFM (work at home fit mom), share my struggles, successes, and talk about ALL THINGS LIFE. Join me on my journey.

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